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SRY my eng not good !!!!! Chong Wednesday, July 13, And is it must submit the postponement form by my self or my school will help us to submit? I need to fill up the form with 3 reasons for transfer and i'm having problems with that. My son got drafted in NS. DO i need to submit the postponement form? Physically, he turned fitter and stronger he's skinny before this.

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Oleh sebab minat yang mendalam nak jadi cikgu.. Perasaan aku "macam kena serangan jantung" How to survive in PLKN? Teruk la , tak nak pergi la.. PLKN adalah Program latihan khidmat negara. Do you think I can be an exception? I sms-ed and it says: What is that about? You can never apply for exclusion with personal reason. Exclusion is accepted only if you fall under one of the categories in the exclusion list above.

You can, however, apply to postpone your national service with valid reasons such as academic. My brother was selected to join NS 3 years ago and, unlike some people who find excuses to skip this programme, my brother went for it. In the 3 months training, I can really see the distinct change in his attitude. Last time, he used to rely on my mom to get everything ready for him but since joining NS he grows and become matured.

He will talk to people in a more polite manner, respect people's idea and also express his opinion more frankly. Physically, he turned fitter and stronger he's skinny before this. He told us that the food provided in the camp isn't really bad as how people think, the accommodation is nice and clean. When they're sick, they could see the doctor there and were given medicine and enough rest.

When it came to my turn, i was really excited. I'd decided if I weren't selected, I would apply to join it. I yelled and laughed out loud when I checked it out! When I was all ready I mean mentally to go, I was told that I wasn't selected to join the first batch! So I wrote a letter and went to the department to appeal. At there, I was arranged to meet an officer and after the meeting, i was told to go home to wait for their reply. It means I have to join the third batch. So, how about my NS dream?

You can check through the website since 9 July but the website is running very slowly almost down at the moment.

I heard that the web will be providing all the info about the name list officially on 11 July , and most probably, you will get your reply if you sms plkn on 11 July On my way to try it tomorrow noon. The 9 stands for the series and stands for the year. I dont think you should display the ic number.. I sms more than 3 hrs ago, no reply till now. So, take it easy and don't stress it out and don't waste your money. If we didn't get chosen, we won't be chosen already. If PLKN not ready to give respon any inquiry pls dont announce to public.

Website provided were down too. If you are not selected but you wish to join NS, you will need to sign up using the application form that can be downloaded from http: SRY my eng not good !!!!! Program Lathan Khidmat Negara will help you to change your attitude and your discipline I know about this - a friend of mine also tried for this one but he didn't got thru! My son got drafted in NS.

He is a freshmen in college at USA. How can he be excused from joining NS.